News analysis 2018

Legal, business and human rights news and analysis from the IBA - 2018:

rule of law

Hungary: Central European University closure highlights 'erosion' of rule of law

rule of law

Rule of law: despite apparent signs of progress Poland and Romania remain serious causes for concern

immigration papers

Anti-corruption: concern over money laundering prompts Europe-wide focus on ‘golden visa’ schemes

immigration papers

American presidency: ‘asylum ban’ just one facet of an all-out assault


Brazil’s president-elect appoints Car Wash judge in anti-corruption push


International human rights: anniversary of Bangalore Principles brings timely focus on importance of judiciary


Finance: Regulators scramble to get to grips with crypto-assets


Brexit: revocation case that could ‘decide the fate of a nation’


Tech giants: UK leads the way with digital services tax

Big Tech

Big Tech and Big Law face pushback on mandatory arbitration in wake of #MeToo

Swiss Court

Whistleblowing: Federal Supreme Court ruling places Swiss banks' offshore subsidiaries outside secrecy laws

us-china trade

American Presidency: mid-term elections and the long road back to democracy

us-china trade

US-China trade war intensifies as WTO reaches ‘debilitating’ dispute settlement impasse


NDAs under fire as ‘weaponising’ mechanism to silence victims of sexual crimes


Kavanaugh confirmation sparks debate on judicial mishandling of sexual misconduct claims

3d guns

EU accession: nationalist opposition ‘sabotages’ Macedonia referendum

rohingya crisis

Sexual offence laws: Ireland launches review of complainant protections in rape trials

3d guns

US Presidency: the ‘age of the downloadable gun’

rohingya crisis

Myanmar: ICC examination prompts polarised response

money laundering

Online rights: EU copyright reforms seek to redress 'value gap' and rein in tech giants

money laundering

Anti-money laundering: banking scandals prompt rethink of EU regime

russia justice

US Presidency: National Security Adviser launches vehement attack on the ICC

russia justice

Russian stalemate with Council of Europe threatens access to justice

rule of law

Hungary and Poland challenged over breaches of the rule of law

contacless payment

Digital finance: shift towards ‘cashless society’ raises legal and policy questions

Carmen Lucia

Brazil’s judiciary moves to address gender gap

Marina Silva

Latin America: Push for greater female representation and legal reform ahead of Brazilian election

pride flag

India: Supreme Court decriminalises gay sex

fake news

Dangerous new developments drive government action to counter fake news


Sexual offence laws: #MeToo movement drives new consent-based definitions


Climate change: energy companies face $25tn risk from carbon bubble


Cambodia: Election landslide criticised as setback for democracy


Climate partnerships bolster Paris Agreement despite US withdrawal


European Parliament rejects copyright reform in ongoing row between content creators and internet platforms


Migration crisis: European Parliament moves to prevent criminalisation of those supporting migrants


America’s legal aid crisis: a longer bridge for the access to justice gap


International trade: fears grow for the future of the WTO as US changes tack on trade

UK divorce

Law reform: UK divorce regime ‘very troubling’ and lagging behind many jurisdictions


Turkey: Erdogan tightens grip on rule heightening concerns over authoritarianism


Technology and antitrust: US government bids to block AT&T and Time Warner’s $80bn merger

Saudi woman driver

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on driving for women after lengthy campaign


Cambodia: confusion and fear as voters head to the polls

Supreme Court

US Supreme Court: replacement of swing voter Kennedy shifts balance for a generation


Cybercrime: London plans major new court for ‘issues of the future’

smart cities

India’s ambitious ‘Smart Cities Mission’ embraces one hundred participating cities

UK EU flags

Brexit: future rights of UK citizens in the European Union

Poland EU flags

Poland: European Commission combats threats to judicial independence to protect core values

Mexico - pro Morena

Mexico: major challenges for president-elect include corruption, violence and poverty


Brexit: UK introduces new sanctions regime amidst heightened diplomatic tensions

Latin America

Latin America: Glimmers of progress amidst fears of backsliding on reproductive rights

Gina Haspel

Appointment of Haspel as CIA Director re-ignites debate over use of torture


Guantanamo detainees face ‘perpetual detention disconnected from legitimate purpose'

Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap: UK publishes data for the first time

Irish Referendum - Vote Yes

Irish abortion referendum: result prompts liberalisation of one of the strictest laws in the world


Whistleblowing: new proposals to strengthen legal safeguards across Europe

climate change

Climate change: non-state actors step in where governments refuse to go

Kim Jong Un

Nuclear diplomacy: US abandons Iran deal while making history with North Korea summit

Cambodia bank note

Cambodia: first charges under controversial royal insult law


Russian corruption: growing calls for tougher sanctions to combat ‘dirty’ money

social media

Latin America: Social media and fake news loom large in election super-cycle


From the archives: Syria - a renewed focus


Immigration: what happens to a Dreamer deferred?


US election and Brexit: Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and electoral law concerns


Data privacy scandals could be ‘Snowden moment’ for business

immigration center

Migration crisis: UK detention policies lag behind EU neighbours

running track

IOC lifts Russia ban but compliance questions remain

Corn fields

Global food trade: new merger prompts warnings of market dominance

Brexit protestors

Comment and analysis: Brexit’s ‘red lines’ cross Northern Ireland’s border

women in legal practice event

Law firms call for sponsorship to boost female career progression

Drago Kos

Gun control: A glimmer of hope emerges from the 'Gunshine State'

cranes in Bahrain

Gulf countries urged to improve labour standards

Drago Kos

Fighting corruption remains a low priority for the EU


President Trump and the spies who didn’t love me


Focus on America: Prosecutorial independence and the ‘absolute right’ of Presidents


Brexit: the threat to LGBTI rights in the UK


Gender inequality strikes a chord at Davos

data leak

Davos pushes for cyber security agenda at the C-Suite

Laura Kovesi

Romania: Corruption contagion deepens as DNA under threat

Cambodia Flag

Journalists in Cambodia face espionage charges amid political crackdown


EU regulators seek to shape the future of Fintech

Dubai Tech

Dubai moves to disrupt legal culture with future courts

graph finance

Finance: Europe-wide ‘revolution in regulatory framework’ introduces greater transparency


Stronger legal frameworks needed to address sexual violence in conflict


Different playbook for Muslim women in western media, study confirms


UN climate talks: challenging agenda ahead

glass ceiling

The US Presidency: a chilly climate for protest

glass ceiling

Diversity in the legal profession: law firm policies ‘found to be wanting’


US presidency: Can the green rollback be rolled back?


The future of Europe: rule of law must not be compromised in Brexit Bill