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Wednesday 29 September (1650 - 1715)

Wednesday 29 September (1715 - 1745)

Wednesday 29 September (1755 - 1800)

Thursday 30 September (1600 - 1800)

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The legal business development and marketing landscape is changing rapidly, raising some challenging questions: Can artificial intelligence (AI) can help solve business development or marketing challenges in your law firm? Which business development and marketing technologies can help your firm thrive? Which do you need to use just to survive? Will your firm’s services remain relevant when you implement the relevant tools? What technology is being used successfully that you did not know existed?
We invite you to learn about the latest trends and issues affecting the legal business development and marketing technology landscape, in all stages of the legal sales cycle.

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Thursday 30 September (1605 - 1630)

Thursday 30 September (1630 - 1640)

Thursday 30 September (1640 - 1650)

Thursday 30 September (1650 - 1715)

Thursday 30 September (1715 - 1745)

Thursday 30 September (1755 - 1758)

Thursday 30 September (1758 - 1800)

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