IBA Task Forces

The IBA has convened a number of Task Forces to look into pressing contemporary issues.

Presidential Task Force Against Human Trafficking

This Task Force was formed to continue to address the scope of the international human trafficking problem, efforts by governmental and private organisations to mitigate the problem, and what the legal profession, specifically the IBA, can contribute.

In its report, the Task Force analyses the links between human trafficking and public corruption and sets out a number of proposals and recommendations to help deal with this crucial issue.

Read 2016 report on human trafficking and public corruption

Presidential Task Force on the Independence of the Legal Profession

The Presidential Task Force on the Independence of The Legal Profession seeks to assess threats to the independence of lawyers around the world, and in addition to this in its report offers a valuable self-assessment tool, for those who wish to take the first step in addressing negative influences on the profession’s ability to remain independent.

Read 2016 report

Presidential Task Force on Climate Change Justice and Human Rights

At the IBA Annual Conference in Dublin, October 2012, Mary Robinson, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, proffered a challenge to the IBA: to convene a working group to provide leadership in shaping the global response to climate change. This challenge was accepted under the Presidency of Michael Reynolds and a high-level Task Force established. In 2014 the Task Force’s comprehensive report entitled Achieving Justice and Human Rights in an Era of Climate Change Disruption was published.

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Task Force on Illicit Financial Flows, Poverty and Human Rights

The IBAHRI has convened a task force to analyse how illicit financial flows, and  specifically the proceeds of tax evasion, impact on poverty and subsequently affect the enforcement of economic-socio and cultural rights  (ESCR).

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Presidential Task Force on the Financial Crisis

This Task Force, commissioned by Past President of the IBA, Akira Kawamura, follows on from and builds on the work done on financial regulation in the first phase of the project.

Mr Kawamura asked that the Task Force focus on the aftermath of the GFC rather than just the crisis itself. He encouraged the Task Force to be forward-looking.

The Task Force was led by the IBA's Public and Professional Interest Division (PPID). A report was published and launched at the IBA Annual Conference 2013.

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Task Force on International Terrorism

The IBAHRI convened a Task Force, comprising world-famous jurists, in order to analyse the considerable developments in international law and practice.The events of 9/11 set governments and international law-making bodies a number of complex and novel legal challenges in terms of responding to global terrorism whilst protecting people’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

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