Presidential project: Artificial intelligence and technology

IBA & AI: Artificial intelligence, the law and the legal profession

During the IBA 2023 Annual Conference in Paris, the IBA President announced the formation of an artificial intelligence (AI) project task force as a presidential initiative encompassing all parts of the Association.


The purpose of this initiative is to:

  • provide IBA members and more broadly, the legal profession, with relevant and credible guidance on AI-related issues from a legal perspective or for the legal profession;
  • position the IBA as a significant player in addressing such legal issues and enhancing its profile;
  • comply with the IBA Strategic Plan in terms of safeguarding the core values of the profession, improving member offerings and educating on developments affecting legal practice; and
  • engage with members of the Association.


The AI project task force has been assigned the responsibility of examining and generating a written outcome focusing on three key areas relating to:

  1. regulating AI;
  2. assessing its impact on the legal profession; and
  3. advocating for best practices among bar associations.

These three work strands are being led by three working groups from each Division – LPD, SPPI and BIC – with the aim of presenting the outcome in a final report at the IBA 2024 Annual Conference in Mexico City.

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