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Welcome from the President

Welcome to the homepage of the International Bar Association Foundation. The International Bar Association Foundation is a US-based charitable foundation, established in 1986 by members of the International Bar Association (IBA) to engage in educational and charitable activities related to advancing the rule of law.

The Foundation was created by members of the IBA and was reorganized in 2017 to be a supporting organization of the IBA. Under the new structure, the Foundation now focuses its efforts to help fund major IBA rule of law initiatives. The primary undertaking of the Foundation is to support major rule of law projects initiated by the IBA.

In the material that follows, you will find information about the Foundation, its mission, its history, its officers and trustees, and some of the activities it has recently funded. We hope to present a picture of the Foundation that will encourage an interest in its work. For some, that interest may be expressed by financial support. We greatly appreciate all donations.

Please contact the Director of the IBA North American office for further information – michael.maya@int-bar.org.

The initial project under the Foundation’s new format has been to provide the support for the IBA program series entitled Preserving a Free Society: A series of bipartisan discussions on the rule of law – its critical importance to free societies and how best to sustain and defend it. The program is a six-part series of live events featuring former and current senior government officials and other distinguished guests discussing the rule of law, which has become a vital, even existential, issue for societies around the world. Homer Moyer moderates the series. Each panel brings a mix of perspectives on rule of law issues, including precisely what this oft-used phrase means, what its implications are, what practical meaning it has for public citizens and for those in government, and its importance to the institutions, traditions, and durability of free societies. Each program in this series will be live streamed, videoed and posted on the IBA website.

We hope you will also want to become involved in the Foundation’s activities in other ways – by providing suggestions and ideas and by identifying other organisations with which the Foundation might work. We welcome your interest, your ideas – and your energy. If you believe you have something to offer, let us hear from you.

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