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Charitable trusts

IBA Human Rights Institute Trust

The IBA set up the IBA Human Rights Institute Trust in 2009; this replaced the IBA Charitable Trust as the IBA's main charitable vehicle in the United Kingdom. All donations made via member subscriptions to the IBA are now made to the new charity.

The charity will support the work of the IBA Human Rights Institute and projects that meet with its objectives to promote human rights and the administration of justice worldwide.

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IBA Foundation

The IBA Foundation’s mission is to engage in a wide variety of international charitable endeavours related to the rule of law, including continuing legal education and equitable access to the legal system and, particularly in more economically disadvantaged parts of the world, infrastructure improvements, competent legal services and legal services administration. Since 1986, the Foundation has funded law-related projects throughout the world.

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IBA Special Projects Fund

In 2007 the IBA’s Management Board took the decision to place, on an annual basis, part of any year-end surplus which may arise into a special projects fund. The monies in this fund can be used to augment the Association’s work, over and above those items contained in its usual expenditure budgets.

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