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Global Insight

Magazine October / November 2018


Climate change: a tipping point

Foreign meddling in democracy

Russia: the diplomatic standoff

Bill Browder

IBA News and Initiatives

Cybersecurity guidelines

The IBA has launched cybersecurity guidelines for law firms to protect themselves from breaches of data security

What makes for a healthy democracy?

6 November 2018 high-level discussion at the European Parliament with IBA President Martin Solc

Romano Prodi interview

The former Italian Prime Minster and European Commission President discussed issues including populism and Europe.

Bullying and harassment survey now open

A global survey launched to understand the nature and extent of bullying and harassment in the legal profession

Independent media and the rule of law

The second in the IBA's six-part series of live events discussing contemporary rule of law challenges was held on Thursday 7 June in Washington DC, entitled 'Independent media and the rule of law'. It was also live streamed. Panellists included Andrea Mitchell (NBC), Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post), and media lawyer Lee Levine.

Task Force on the Future of Legal Services

This Task Force was formed to examine changes affecting the legal profession and ultimately to take steps to assist lawyers in managing those changes. The Task Force released its 'Drivers of Change' report in November 2017.


The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute works with the global legal community to promote and protect human rights and the independence of the legal profession.


The International Bar Association’s Legal Policy & Research Unit undertakes research, develops, and implements innovative strategies and initiatives that are relevant to current contemporary global issues.