Artificial intelligence and technology

At the IBA, we understand the transformative power of technology and its impact on a wide range of legal and societal issues. Established in 2024, this page serves as a central resource for exploring the evolving tech landscape, including in relation to artificial intelligence (AI), which continues to generate a significant amount of both excitement and concern.

Presidential project

The IBA has formed a task force to focus on AI's legal issues, assess its impact and advocate best practices.

AI, law and legal profession

This podcast examines ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for the legal profession.

Cyberattacks as war crimes

The consequences of cyberattacks on energy providers and emergency services during the Russia-Ukraine war.

Zack Kass

AI business strategist and former Head of Go-To-Market at OpenAI, Zack Kass, discusses AI and the legal profession at IBA Annual Conference 2023.



Morning Keynote - Zack Kass

Zack has an unwavering optimism about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). His mission is to inspire responsible and safe adoption of AI that moves the world forward, highlighting the path towards an AI-driven future where businesses flourish and all humans benefit.

LPD Showcase: fashionably metaverse – high technology meets high fashion

Watch this webinar about how the intersection of fashion and technology is rapidly evolving, as evidenced by the growing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), Web3 and the Metaverse by major luxury brands.



Global perspectives on protecting against cyber risks: best governance practices for senior executives and boards of directors


Digital identity: principles on collection and use of information


Innovation-led cultural change: can technology effectively address workplace harassment?


IoT Standards for Trade Facilitation


Guidelines and Regulations to Provide Insights on Public Policies to Ensure AI’s Beneficial Use as a Professional Tool


IBA Annual Conference 2023: AI Sessions

29 October - 3 November 2023

A number of AI-related sessions took place during the IBA 2023 Annual Conference in Paris. Download a summary below.

Summary of sessions (PDF)