IBA International Criminal Court and International Criminal Law (ICC & ICL) Programme

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The IBA ICC & ICL Programme monitors issues related to fairness and equality of arms at the ICC and other Hague-based war crimes tribunals and encourages the legal community to engage with the work of these Courts. The IBA’s work includes thematic legal analysis of proceedings, and ad hoc evaluations of legal, administrative and institutional issues which could potentially affect the rights of defendants, the impartiality of proceedings and the development of international justice.

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Our Work

The ICC & ICL Programme produces regular reports on the ICC, commenting on current proceedings and fair trial developments at the Court and providing detailed recommendations.

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Our work also includes the production of regular commentaries on topics related to its mandate, through the release of position papers, presentations and addresses at international events.

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Strengthening the International Criminal Court and the Rome Statute System: A Guide for States Parties

Strengthening the ICC and the Rome Statute System: A Guide for States Parties provides detailed guidance and recommendations for all existing and future States Parties to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations in the Rome Statute and guarantee a stronger and more effective ICC.

Part 1 focuses on the role that all States Parties should play in ensuring the Assembly’s effective oversight of the ICC.

Part 2 calls on all States Parties to establish comprehensive and effective national frameworks to implement their individual obligations to investigate and prosecute Rome Statute crimes nationally, in accordance with the principle of complementarity, and to cooperate fully with the ICC’s investigations and prosecutions.

Part 3 examines the role that States Parties should play individually and collectively through the Assembly to promote universality of the Rome Statute and ensure that all States Parties implement their responsibilities and obligations under the Rome Statute.

The Guide has been structured to be a resource for representatives of States Parties, and other stakeholders, to support the effective functioning of the ICC, including through the development and regular review of effective national implementing legislation.

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Strengthening the ICC and the Rome Statute System: A Guide for States Parties

The IBA ICC Moot Court Competition

Since 2017 the IBA has partnered with Leiden University’s Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies to stage the IBA ICC Moot Court Competition, which attracts law students from across the globe to test and sharpen their skills for careers as international lawyers. As of 2021, a new five-year Memorandum of Understanding positions the IBA as the primary supporting partner of the event. The oral rounds of the 2022 edition (8 - 29 May 2022) will take place online, with the exception being the final round on 27 May. This will be done in a hybrid format with ICC judges in the courtroom and the student teams pleading online. 

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The IBA ICC & ICL Legal Internship Programme (The Hague)

Intern positions are available for undergraduate law students, postgraduate law students, and newly qualified lawyers. Due to the COVID-19 situation in The Netherlands, the ICC & ICL Legal Internship Programme is now a limited remote internship only. Our next round will start on 4 April 2022 and candidates have already been selected for this period. More information on how and when to apply for future rounds can be found by clicking the button below. 

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