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2 June 2022 | IBA publishes guide for strengthening International Criminal Court and Rome Statute 2022 IBA ICC Moot Court Competition won by The Honourable society of King's Inns

12 May 2022 | ASP President says this is the time to redouble efforts to demonstrate worth of the ICC to fight impunity


12 October 2021 | IBA publishes guide for strengthening International Criminal Court and Rome Statute

10 June 2021 | ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda inspires next generation of criminal lawyers at start of IBA ICC Moot Court

4 June 2021 | ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to open virtual annual IBA ICC Moot Court Competition

7 April 2021 | IBA welcomes removal of sanctions on ICC Prosecutor and senior official

18 March 2021 | IBA elevates partnership with Grotius Centre to stage annual moot court competition

22 February 2021 | IBA welcomes election of ICC officials

4 February 2021 | Lord's Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen convicted at International Criminal Court


3 September 2020 | IBA calls on states to push back against US sanctions on ICC Prosecutor and official

29 June 2020 | A new report highlights the need for state cooperation with international courts

16 June 2020 | IBA 2020 ICC Moot Court Memorial Award winners celebrated in virtual event

12 June 2020 | IBA condems US President's Executive Order authorising sanctions against International Criminal Court personnel

16 April 2020 | ICC Independent Expert Review group called on to strengthen fair trials and equality of arms


9 December 2019 | IBA urges State Parties' cooperation and greater support for the International Criminal Court

6 November 2019 | Global organisations gather in The Hague to discuss solutions to bullying and sexual harassment

21 October 2019 | IBA holds Expert Roundtable and launches report exploring release at different stages of proceedings


13 June 2018 | Mina Karabit to receive 2018 IBA Award for Best Oralist in ICC Moot Court Competition

14 May 2018 | IBA Hague Office to mark Rome Statute 20th anniversary with push to wider audience of ICC equality of arms issues

1 March 2018 | IBA Hague Office welcomes the first International Criminal Court agreement on the release of persons after acquittal​​​​​​​


21 December 2017 | Closure of Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia marks end of important chapter for international justice

21 November 2017 | ICC receives 2017 Stockholm Human Rights Award and discusses investigation into Afghanistan in Q&A

7 September 2017 | International Criminal Court to receive 2017 Stockholm Human Rights Award

2 June 2017 | New IBA Award for the Best Oralist in ICC Moot Court Competition given


15 November 2016 | IBA panel discusses evidence in international criminal trials at ASP15

5 September 2016 | IBA calls for contribution to the ICC Trust Fund for Family Visits

21 April 2016 | IBA attends official opening of the permanent premises of the International Criminal Court


16 November 2015 | Towards an ICC Association of Counsel (an IBA discussion paper)

16 October 2015 | IBA concerned by South Africa's plan to withdraw from the International Criminal Court

24 July 2015 | Q&A with Dr. Mark Ellis, Executive Director of the International Bar Association and author of 'Sovereignty and Justice'​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

                               Events and Campaigns

2019 | Seeing Justice Through: longterm issues in international justice​​​​​​​

An IBA ICC & ICL Programme Experts’ Roundtable Discussion addressing theory, practice, and future perspectives. This event, held on 21 October 2019, was supported by the IBA War Crimes Committee.

Download event brochure Watch keynote address Watch Panel 1 Discussion Watch Panel 2 Discussion​​​​​​​

2017 | Expert's Roundtable on Fair Trials and Complementarity

On 6 July 2017, the International Bar Association (IBA) Hague Office organised ‘Fair Trials and Complementarity: An Experts’ Roundtable Discussion addressing Practice, Challenges and Future Perspectives’. The event was attended by 100 delegates including judges, senior officials and staff of international criminal courts and tribunals, diplomats, civil society, and academics.

Download event report here

2016 | Experts' Roundtable on Trials in Absentia in international criminal justice

On 8 June 2016, the International Bar Association International Criminal Court and International Criminal Law Programme convened an ‘Experts’ Roundtable on trials in absentia in international criminal justice’ at The Hague Institute for Global Justice.

Download event report here

2013 | Roundtable discussion - Witnesses under Threat?

On 15 July 2013, the IBA ICC Programme hosted Witnesses under threat? a roundtable discussion on the ICC’s efforts and challenges in managing and protecting witnesses. The event, held at The Hague Institute for Global Justice, marked the launch of the Programme’s latest report, ‘Witnesses before the International Criminal Court’, which encourages reflection on the Court’s reliance on witnesses, assesses its challenges and accomplishments in supporting, protecting and managing witnesses, and provides recommendations for the way forward.

2012 | Roundtable discussion - Raising the Bar: Assessing the relationship between lawyers and the ICC after ten years

On 20 November 2012, the IBA ICC Programme held a panel discussion to launch its report Counsel Matters at the ICC: The role of lawyers in establishing international criminal courts and safeguarding their legacy, during the 1th Assembly of States Parties (ASP) Meeting, in The Hague.

2010 | Roundtable discussion - Great Expectations: exploring individual and mutual responsibilities of states and the ICC

The IBA hosted an experts’ roundtable discussion entitled ‘Great Expectations: exploring individual and mutual responsibilities of states and the International Criminal Court’ on 30 November 2010, at the Peace Palace, The Hague. The panel – comprising ICC Second Vice-President Hans-Peter Kaul, Ambassador of Ireland and ASP Facilitator on Cooperation Mary Whelan, University of Amsterdam Professor Göran Sluiter and ICC International Cooperation Adviser from the Office of the Prosecutor Olivia Swaak-Goldman.

2010 | Calling African Female Lawyers - IBA ICC Campaign

On 12 May 2010, the IBA and the International Criminal Court (ICC) launched a campaign to encourage qualified African women lawyers to apply for admission to the ICC List of Counsel and Lists of Assistants to Counsel. The campaign was launched during a press conference held at the ICC in The Hague.

2010 | Reflections on the 2010 Review Conference: legacy, impact and sustainability of the Rome Statute System

On 19 January 2010 the IBA ICC Programme organised a roundtable discussion on ‘Reflections on the 2010 Review Conference: legacy, impact, and sustainability of the Rome Statute System’. The event featured: Judge Philippe Kirsch, Ambassador Jorge Lomonaco, Ambassador Stephen Rapp and Professor William Schabas. Prior to the Roundtable Discussion, The IBA was able to secure exclusive interviews with the US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes, Stephen Rapp and the former ICC President.

2008 | Roundtable discussion - Making the ICC a global reality through cooperation: perspectives, challenges and strategies

On 12 November 2008, the IBA Roundtable Discussion on ‘Making the ICC a global reality through cooperation: perspectives, challenges and strategies’. The event featured a high-profile panel of experts including the ICC Registrar; the Head of the Jurisdiction, Cooperation and Complementarity Section of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor; the Director of the International Justice Program for Human Rights Watch; and the Focal Point for Cooperation appointed by the Assembly of States Parties. A keynote address was delivered by Judge Theodor Meron, President of the Appeals Chamber for the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The discussion was moderated by Heikelina Verrijn Stuart and attended by a diverse audience of more than one hundred people. Held under Chatham House rules, the discussion focused on the duty of cooperation imposed by the Rome Statute, the need to enact ICC implementing legislation, best practices and lessons learned on cooperation and technical assistance between States Parties. In addition, timing of enforcement of court’s decision and arrest warrants were said to be the main challenges, together with effective judicial cooperation and standardised cooperation procedures.

2007 | Roundtable discussion - Right to Defence & Equality of Arms before the International Criminal Court

The IBA roundtable discussion of November 2007 represented the first opportunity issues on the role of the defence and defence counsel before the ICC were publicly discussed.

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