IBA Annual Conference Paris 2023

29 Oct - 3 Nov 2023


Session information

Rule of Law Symposium: accountability and justice


Rule of Law Forum (Lead)
Forum for Government and Public Lawyers
Human Rights Law Committee
IBA's Human Rights Institute
Judges' Forum


Justice and accountability are a critical component of lasting peace and of dealing with the legacy of gross human rights abuses. Yet, from Ukraine to Syria, from South Sudan to Yemen and Myanmar, to many corners of the world where such abuses occur, pathways to justice and accountability often seem inadequate or out of reach. Indeed, some might even argue that pursuing justice can be detrimental to immediate prospects for peace, for it could encourage perpetrators to double-down on their abuse in order to cling to power and escape accountability. Can this be true? This panel will draw from the expertise and insight of experts in the frontlines of international justice to provide perspectives and lessons learned from around the world. Together, the panel will also discuss what role can organizations such as the IBA mandated to “contribute to global stability and peace through the administration of justice” and acting as a “connector, enabler, and influencer, for the administration of justice, fair practice, and accountability worldwide” play in supporting justice as a way to achieve peace.


Please note that even if you are unable to join the Annual Conference, you can still register for the Rule of Law Symposium for free. If you are NOT already registered for the Annual Conference and would like to attend the Rule of Law Symposium, you must pre-register by Wednesday 1 November by completing the Rule of Law Symposium registration form. There is no registration fee to attend the Symposium.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Federica D'Alessandra Oxford Institute for Ethics Law and Armed Conflict, Oxford, England; Co-Chair, Forum for Government and Public Lawyers


Rayhan Asat Atlantic Council, DC, Washington, USA
Mark Ellis International Bar Association, London, England; IBA Executive Director
Alexandra Meise Department of National Security and Strategy, USA, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Anna Ogrenchuk Ukrainian Bar Association, Kyiv, Ukraine
Yevgeny Vindman U S Army (ret.), DC, Washington, USA