Afghan Women at Risk: The Threats Faced, The Help Needed, The Future Sought

On 21 December 2021, the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) hosted a webinar on Afghan Women at Risk: The Threats Faced, The Help Needed, The Future Sought, to shed light on the dire situation of Afghan women both in Afghanistan and abroad.

The withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan in August this year changed the lives of Afghan citizens. Women are among those who have been the worst affected. In Taliban-run Afghanistan, women have a special place – a place hidden from the public, a place confined to the home, a place where a woman exists only as an extension of a man. Twenty years of progress on women's rights in Afghanistan has been effectively reversed in a few short months.


  • Baroness Kennedy QC, Director, IBAHRI
  • Fawzia Koofi, Afghan politician and women's rights advocate
  • Fawzia Amini, Senior judge, Afghanistan's Supreme Court
  • Yalda Hakim, Anchor and Correspondent, BBC World News
  • Alex Crawford OBE, Journalist and Special Correspondent, Sky News
  • Dr Ewelina Ochab, IBAHRI Programme Lawyer

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