Public and Professional Interest Division


The Public and Professional Interest Division (PPID) constitutes a wide array of projects, activities, committees and other entities focussing on issues and professional interests throughout the world that make the practice of law a profession and not only an occupation. The PPID is made up of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC), IBA Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) and the Section on Public and Professional Interest (SPPI).

PPID Information

The PPID Steering Group discusses synergies to ensure the strong continued cooperation of all its constituents. A key component of this is the PPID Activity Fund, which allows for the execution of projects and initiatives that represent the values of the Division as a whole.

Officer Address
Péter Köves
BIC Chair
Lakatos Köves and Partners Ügyvédi Iroda
Madach Imre ut 14

Email Officer
Deborah Enix Ross
BIC Vice Chair
Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
919 Third Avenue
New York

Email Officer
Anne Ramberg
The Swedish Bar Association Sveriges
Laboratoriegatan 4

Email Officer
Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG
High Court of Australia
Level 7 195 Macquerie Street

Email Officer
Sarah Hutchinson
SPPI Chair
The University of Liverpool in London
33 Finsbury Square

Email Officer
Jörg Menzer
SPPI Secretary-Treasurer
Street General Constantin Budisteanu 28C

Email Officer
Ameera Ashraf
LPD Representative on SPPI Council
WongPartnership LLP
12 Marina Boulevard Level 28
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3

Email Officer

The objective of the fund is to provide financial assistance to the PPID’s committees and entities, be they individual or organisational, allowing projects and activities to be launched which would not otherwise be possible. The key criteria are that all such projects or activities must promote public interest and professionalism, and raise the stature and visibility of both the PPID and the IBA. As such, projects which will benefit a wide range of individuals or groups are encouraged over those which will benefit or be of relevance only to a small group.

To date, over £950,000 has been awarded to various projects. If your committee/entity has a project in mind that would require funding, please complete an application form and submit it to Erin Renouf at

The PPID Steering Group reviews applications three times yearly and the deadlines are as follows:

February 1st   |     May 1st    |  September 1st

Download PPID Activity Fund application form

All applications received will then be considered by the PPID Officers, following which their decisions will be announced to the applicant. Following the completion of their project, the applicants provide a brief report outlining the outcome of the project and submit their proof of to be reimbursed in accordance with their originally approved application.

Examples of projects and activities funded by the PPID Activity Fund

Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee

The Committee’s proposal for project funding was approved by the PPID Steering Group in April 2016 for a project entitled, 'Access to Justice for Children: An International Study' which focused on collecting information on challenges to access to justice for children and the ways those are overcome in different jurisdictions.

Click here to see more details on this committee's projects. 

Human Rights Law Committee

The Committee successfully applied for funding through the PPID Activity Fund to engage in a new interview video series with prominent human rights lawyers and professionals to promote the importance of human rights within and outside of the IBA. Their aim is to bring awareness to the multitude of human rights issues around the world, generate ongoing discussion about the relevance of human rights in the current day global and regional political systems, as well as keep IBA members abreast of the current human rights issues. Watch video interviews here.

Bar Issues Commission

The BIC's proposal for project funding was approved in March 2016 to contribute to creating the 'Legal Regulators’ Directory' which complied a list of organisations that are responsible for regulating the legal profession around the world. To read more and access the Directory, click here.

Human Rights Institute

At the Annual Conference in Tokyo, the IBAHRI was granted funding through the PPID Activity fund for an external evaluation of its activities. The IBAHRI considers this an extremely valuable and timely exercise as it looks to ensure that is able to meet donor requirements, to show what impact it is having or what it could do better as well as developing its own strategic objectives. This in turn will contribute to the promotion of the professional and public interest work of the Division and the IBA.