A conversation with... Hyeonseo Lee

Friday 11 October 2019

Hyeonseo Lee is a North Korean defector living in Seoul, South Korea. Her recently published memoir, The Girl with Seven Names – A North Korean Defector’s Story, has been published in 24 languages in 33 countries.

In August 2016, her memoir was added to the list of The New York Times Best Sellers. Over 16 million people have viewed her TED Talk (including the cross-posting on Youtube) about her life in North Korea, her escape to China and struggle to bring her family to freedom. Oprah called it, ‘The most riveting Ted Talk ever’. Hyeonseo has given testimony about North Korean human special panel of the UN Security Council in 2014. She’s also discussed North Korean human rights issues with various officials, including US President Donald Trump in 2018 at the White House.

Hyeonseo has written articles for The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. She has also been interviewed by TIME, BBC, CNN, Reuters, AP, AFP, NYT, FOX, CBS, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Glamour magazine and countless other television, newspaper and radio outlets throughout the world.