Film: Bianca Jagger, leading environmentalist campaigner

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IBA Annual Conference Boston 2013 film: Bianca Jagger, leading environmentalist campaigner, on climate change, accountability and the law.

Bianca Jagger also participated as a speaker in the conference session 'Climate change justice and human rights - concepts for legal and institutional reforms' which was also filmed.

Bianca Jagger is the Founder and Chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation; a worldwide campaigner for human rights, social and economic justice and environmental protection; Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, Member of the Executive Director's Leadership Council of Amnesty International USA; and a Trustee of the Amazon Charitable Trust.

Timings and topics can be found under the film.

0.00: What is climate justice and why is it important?

3.18: Accountability for climate change.

4.30: The International Criminal Court and corporate accountability.

7.40: The Chevron/Texaco case.

12.30: The Kiobel case at the US Supreme Court.

13.30: The UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

15.30: New IPCC report is environmental ‘call to arms’.

16.42: Focus of the IBA Task Force on Climate Justice.

18.50: Durban talks on new climate change treaty.

20.45: Economic viability of going green.

23.02: The US and China.

26.38: Criticisms of fracking.

28.46: The ‘incestuous relationship’ between government and big business.

30.20: Megadam projects in Latin America.

32.38: Indigenous rights.

33.30: ‘Environmental crime’ of Nicaraguan canal project.

34.56: Ending violence against women: ‘the missing Millennium Development Goal’

37.20: Women’s rights and climate justice.

38.58: What hope for human kind?