Mary Robinson delivers the George Seward Memorial Lecture

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  • Introduction by Michael Reynolds

    2.48 Francis Neate on George Seward
    12.40 Michael Reynolds introduces Mary Robinson's lecture: 'A new justice challenge for the IBA'
    13.02  George Seward's lifetime spanned massive change across innovation, human rights, access to education.
    But there is still great inequality and economic development has come at a cost.
    14.51  Industrial revolution solved many global problems while creating the new problem of man-made climate change.
    15.17 We will need to use the same ingenuity and resourcefulness to tackle climate change.
    15.27 Climate change will be one of the defining atributes of the next century.
    Dealing with the challenge while shaping a world of opportunity for all is a daunting task.
    15.41 Climate change is an issue of justice and human rights
    16.25 What is ‘climate justice’? The links between human rights and climate change. Climate justice is fully informed by science but communicates and identifies solutions from the perspective of human needs and rights.
    17.28 The increasing link between the international human rights framework and climate justice.
    17.35 UN Human Rights Council resolutions on human rights and climate change.
    18.27 How climate change and human rights are linked. Mary Robinson Foundation.
    19.21 Role of legal profession in pursuing climate justice.
    19.47 Durban negotiations - agreed to have new global deal by 2015, to come into effect in 2020.
    20.19 How the IBA can become involved - supporting rights of developing countries to develop while taking action on reducing emissions?
    Sharing the burden of reducing emissions.
    20.56 Inaction of political leaders.
    22.07 The urgency of the situation
    23.35 Indigenous peoples having to 'leave the land of the bones of their ancestors'
    24.39 'I invite the IBA to work with us to inform the legal aspects of this work'
    25.24 Proposition for IBA to develop working group on climate justice
    26.22 Intergenerational challenge. What will future generations say.
    30.14 Audience questions
    30.28 Phillip Tahmindjis of IBA Human Rights Institute - will be pleased to liaise with Mary Robinson Foundation
    31.44 Peter Maynard of IBA PPID - ABA Boston meeting set to include climate change and human rights
    32.33 Mark Stephens - movement of indigenous peoples.
    34.39 Michelle Goodwin, University of Minnesota: environmental justice is also about poverty. Locations where we dump worst toxic waste are often poor urban communities.
    35.31 Gender dimension of climate change. Women leaders' group on gender and climate change, 'Troika +'
    37.17 Hans Correll, IBAHRI - Rio de Janeiro conference, judges, prosecutors, auditors, Rio +20 declaration
    38.27 Joan Campbell - Irish constitution to enshrine environmental justice?
    40.06 Ruby Sandhu - Lawyers need to encourage sustainable and responsible growth.
    41.36 Sylvia Khatcherian of the IBA's LPD - IBA Energy Section have focused on environmental impact and CSR, would welcome participation in the proposed Task Force.
    45.44 John Wotton, former President of Law Society of England and Wales - climate justice should be people-focused but not ignore biodiversity and habitat aspects.