Joseph Stiglitz Interview

Timings and topics

00:30: ‘Is there sufficient understanding/consensus on the financial crisis so we can go forward with the right solutions?’
3:00: ‘You argue the bailouts have been an abuse of the rule of law. How bad has that been?’
5:43: Major banks settling – lack of accountability?
6.58: State bailouts; view on austerity measures
9:11: ‘Why are we repeating past mistakes?’
10:27: Resistance, riots in response to financial crisis/austerity, eg Spain..Danger of ‘Arab Spring’ in UK?
12:00: ‘Is it going to spread, is there a danger of it in the US?’
12:58: ‘There is a seismic shift in global economy. Is 21st century going to be the Chinese century?’
Emerging markets
14:28: Multipolar rather than bipolar?
15:00: Solving the euro crisis
16:10: ‘What 3 things would you have done differently if you had been in Alan Greenspan or Larry Summers’ shoes?’
18.25: Regulation, deregulation
20.30: Political reform, corporate rights
22.40: Role of the state
27.50: ‘Politics is dominated by lawyers. What can lawyers do?’
29.24: ‘Economies with fewer lawyers grow faster?’
31.00: GDP
32:00: Motivation – extrinsic, intrinsic
34.37: ‘Rent-seeking’ activity
35.55: UN Declaration on Human Rights
37.07: Addressing poverty overseas
41.00: Hope or despair for the future?