Corporate and M&A Law Committee Podcasts

Friday 17 November 2023

Podcast: Brazilian private equity

How is private equity navigating the current market, with its high inflation and interest rates and with risk aversion being a dominant force in so many markets around the globe? To find out and to assess the situation in Brazil in particular, Camila Goldberg, Secretary of the IBA Corporate Membership Subcommittee, interviewed Rodrigo Boscolo, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at GP Investments, an alternative investment firm established in 1993.

Podcast: Interview with VC Laster of the Delaware Court of Chancery

Ellisa Habbart, Director of The Delaware Counsel Group in Wilmington, Delaware, asks Vice Chancellor J Travis Laster of the Delaware Court of Chancery to share his thoughts about issues he believes should be of concern to practitioners. A conversation ensues that addresses a range of issues from governing law provisions to ‘so-called’ boilerplate in merger and related agreements to legal opinions. The Vice Chancellor’s remarks should be of interest to all practitioners.

Podcast: Directors’ duties

In this Committee podcast, Paul White, a corporate partner at A&L Goodbody in Dublin, interviews Dwayne Lysaght, co-head of M&A EMEA at JP Morgan. The interview focuses on the role of the board of directors of a target company and its advisers. The podcast also assesses what corporate lawyers should consider when advising boards of directors. The discussion explores the period before any takeover approach is received, and then discusses considerations for the board of directors and advisers during a takeover bid.

Podcast: Indian M&A

From being global in a true sense, to witnessing the emergence of protectionist regimes around the world, organisations today are more focused on exploring domestic consolidation, the diversification of supply chains and acquiring/ramping up their digital capabilities, all while responding to macro-economic challenges. This represents a paradigm shift for the global M&A landscape.

In this podcast, Naveen Raju, General Counsel & Executive Vice President – Group Legal Services at Indian automotive manufacturing corporation Mahindra and Mahindra, speaks to Rabindra Jhunjhunwala, Membership Officer of the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee and a partner at Khaitan & Co’s Mumbai office. They discuss the multiple hats worn by general counsel and the more active roles they must play in helping their organisation become ready for the future, given the reshaped landscape for M&A.

Podcast: Foreign investment control and M&A

Regulatory requirements have become increasingly important in the European deal environment over the last few years. Whilst the M&A community is used to the relevance of antitrust filings, foreign investment control (FIC) is today equally important for deals, especially those involving non-EU investors.

In this podcast, Petra Linsmeier, Head of Antitrust at Gleiss Lutz in Munich, and Jacob von Andreae, FIC partner at Gleiss Lutz's Dusseldorf office, discuss recent trends and issues relating to antitrust and FIC clearance proceedings and how the players involved deal with the requirements, both from a buyer and from a seller perspective.

The discussion is moderated by Ralf Morshäuser, Education Officer of the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee and a corporate partner at Gleiss Lutz's Munich office.

Podcast: Interview with Lucas Braun, M&A Counsel at Prosus Group

In the second in a series of podcasts produced by the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee, Rodrigo Ferreira Figueiredo, the Committee’s Website Officer and a partner at Mattos Filho, interviews Lucas Braun, M&A Counsel at Prosus Group, a global technology investor. Braun shares his thoughts on the attractions and challenges of investing in the Latin America region, and comments on key trends we’re seeing there – such as China’s influence and the pandemic’s impact – and on some of the cultural and regulatory considerations for investors.

Podcast: Interview with John Deans, Chairman of Rothschild’s UK business

Dovilė Burgienė, Managing Partner of the Baltic law firm Walless and Webinar Officer of the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee, interviews John Deans, Chairman of Rothschild’s UK business. John focuses on capital raising and mergers and acquisitions, with 30 years’ experience in the role. Here, he discusses trends in global M&A and in particular the impact of the Ukraine war on activity. This podcast was produced following a committee survey, which was conducted early in May and which examined how lawyers in private practice view the impact from the Ukraine-Russia war on M&A activity; the interview makes use of these responses. The interview was conducted on 20 June 2022.