Foreign direct investment guide 2022

Tuesday 8 November 2022

The Corporate and M&A Law Committee has produced a new guide covering the highly relevant topic of foreign investment control across 29 countries. This guide is intended to offer practitioners easy access to the relevant applicable rules, answering, in a consistent fashion across jurisdictions, the most frequently raised questions in relation to foreign direct investment (FDI) rules relevant to M&A transactions. To further facilitate research work, each national report includes an alphabetical index of the key relevant topics. The guide is up-to-date as of mid-2022.

The editors, Isabella Ramsay and Jean-Claude Rivalland, thank all of the authors who contributed their time and their expertise, and welcome additional material for countries not already included. Please contact them at Isabella.ramsay@msa.se and/or jean-claude.rivalland@allenovery.com if you would like to contribute. Each guide indicates its author/s, who may be contacted with questions or suggestions in relation to the laws of any country. Finally, please bear in mind that this guide does not constitute legal advice and the information in this guide cannot substitute for professional legal advice.

Australia Austria Brazil Canada
Chile China Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia France Germany India
Indonesia Israel Italy Japan
Latvia Lithuania Malaysia Myanmar
Romania Russia Singapore South Africa
Sweden Switzerland The Netherlands United Kingdom
Uruguay US Vietnam