Health of a law firm in turbulent times

14th Annual Law Firm Management Conference: Health of a law firm in turbulent times

A virtual conference presented by the IBA Law Firm Management Committee

11 DEC 2020 0900 – 1240 GMT

Part 1 (0900 – 1000) & Part 2 (0950 – 1100)

Part 3 (1105 - 1145)

Part 1 (0900 – 1000)

Greetings from the Co-Chairs and IBA President

Zoya Ilyenka
1961 Abogados y Economistas, Barcelona; European Regional Forum Liaison Officer, IBA Law Firm Management Committee

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Vladislav Zabrodin
Capital Legal Services, Moscow; Secretary-Treasurer, IBA Poverty and Social Development Committee

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Horacio Bernandes Neto
Motta Fernandes Advogados, São Paulo; IBA President

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Keynote: How to nurture and strengthen client relationships, switch to referrals and crisis results

Itzik Amiel The Switch™ and The Switch Hub™, Amsterdam; Vice Chair, IBA Law Firm Management Committee’s Business Development and Marketing Subcommittee

It's not easy to nurture, much less strengthen and grow, your client relationships and authority in the midst of a major crisis. Relationships risk being strained during this period, but there are also powerful opportunities to help clients in a time of need and enrich your connections with them. This is an amazing time to build stronger client relationships and switch them to more referrals, creating more revenue for your practice.

Economic downturns come and go, but what enables us to build a thriving practice or a career over time is having deep, trusting relationships with clients, who can hire you and refer you again and again. This is a message that is especially needed at the moment.

Itzik Amiel, attorney-at-law, accountant, international speaker and bestselling author, will talk about strengthening client relationships in a crisis. These strategies are based on his bestselling book The Attention Switch. If you want to be connected - make yourself worth connecting to. It’s a journey and every step counts.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to strengthen and grow your client relationships and authority in the midst of a major crisis
  • How to help your clients and enrich connections in a time of need?
  • How to build thriving referrals from the right and relevant connections (online and offline)?
  • How to keep and nurture internal relationships with colleagues while remote working?

Itzik Amiel
The Switch™ and The Switch Hub™, Amsterdam; Vice Chair, IBA Law Firm Management Committee’s Business Development and Marketing Subcommittee

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Part 2 (0950 – 1100)

Law firm health during the pandemic

This session aims to discuss law firm lives during Covid-19. Managing partners from, and advisors to, a variety of law firms from different regions will share their pandemic experiences, including client relations, partnership issues, finance, security, legal technology, human resources, and any other relevant challenges they have faced during the past year.

Tamara Box
Reed Smith, London

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Norman Clark
Walker & Clark, Fort Myers, Florida; Member, IBA Poverty and Social Development Committee Advisory Board

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Vassily Rudomino
Alrud, Moscow; IBA Council Member, Member Organisations

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Aku Sorainen
Sorainen, Tallin

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Vasilisa Strizh
Morgan Lewis, Moscow

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Part 3 (1105 - 1145)

Networking session

During this session the participants will have a chance to discuss the topics raised in the previous panel discussions and more in small groups. Moderators on each virtual table will sum up the results of discussion and report to the audience.

The tables will be divided by topics:

  1. Partnerships challenged: time for revision?
  2. Law firms and clients: friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things
  3. Future of the Law Firms: strategy and solutions
  4. Finances, fees and costs: are there any solutions that really help?
  5. What determines security in the current world: money, people and relations
  6. How the legal community influences the provision of legal aid
  7. Avoiding burnout: personal experience and tips
  8. How to communicate effectively while working from home: team, colleagues and clients

Part 4 (1150 – 1240)

Two masterclasses aimed to provide practical professional advice on the following topics:

1150 – 1210 How to use your voice: tips and trick to communicate efficiently in the ‘new normal’
Presented by Anthony Daimsis, Director of the National Program/Moot Coordinator and Sessional Professor - Director of the National Program of Ottawa University

1210 - 1230 Chronic burnout of lawyers: symptoms, prevention and treatment
Presented by Lisa Walker Johnson, international counseling psychologist. For the past 25 years, Johnson has specialised in advising law firms and law firm partners worldwide (Walker Clark, Fort Myers, Florida)

1230 - 1240
Closing remarks

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