IBA Regulation Directory Project

Friday 1 January 2016

Legal Regulators’ Directory

The Bar Issues Commission has compiled a list of organisations that are responsible for regulating the legal profession around the world. This comprehensive directory will be useful for bars who wish to check on the qualifications or disciplinary records of lawyers from other countries and for lawyers and law firms interested in cross border working.

Not every country regulates lawyers in the same way and to the same extent. The directory only covers the main regulated legal profession(s) in each country. There may be other related professions (e.g. notaries) or unregulated legal advisors in the countries listed who are able to provide some legal services. In many, but not all cases,

The directory divides the regulatory functions governing legal practice into three stages: Admission, practice and discipline. It also indicates the body responsible for each function and how it may be contacted. Where possible, links to the relevant organisations’ websites are also included.

You may search the directory by region or country. Where there are separate jurisdictions in the country concerned the relevant regulators in each jurisdiction are listed.

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The directory was compiled on behalf of the BIC by Hook International Ltd with assistance from Professor Laurel Terry.  We are also grateful to the following contributors who assisted in the verification of the entries for their jurisdictions.