Arbitration - Country Guides

The Arbitration Committee has prepared a guide to the law and practice of arbitration in more than 50 countries around the world. The material is intended as a high-level practical overview for practitioners and others seeking an introduction to arbitration in particular jurisdictions.

Each chapter indicates its authors, who may be contacted with questions or suggestions, and its date of publication. The vast majority of the chapters were updated or added as of January 2018. These are indicated with an * in the list below.

Additional chapters are planned and will be posted as they are completed. If you have questions, comments or suggestions generally about the guide, please contact the editors by clicking on their names below.


  • Amr Omran, Publications and Newsletter Editor, Arbitration Committee; Freshfields, Dubai
  • Utku Cosar, Vice-Chair, Arbitration Committee; Arbitration Chambers, New York