LPRU Cybersecurity


Every day there are cyber related hacking incidents and law firms are being increasingly targeted for the commercially sensitive information they hold of their clients. The IBA LPRU as a member of the Presidential task force is executing the development of a set of cybersecurity guidelines for law firms to protect themselves from breaches of data security, give their clients the best possible assurances, and thereby protect the reputation of the profession. The IBA is the most appropriate forum to discuss this issue that critically affects the legal profession and the legal services sector. The IBA provides the opportunity to establish a dialogue with legal practitioners, experts internally and externally on a multi-disciplinary and a multi-jurisdictional level to identity the risks, develop solutions and execute them.

Download Data Security and the Legal Profession: Risks, Unique Challenges and Practical Considerations (2015)

Download an overview of cybersecurity guidelines research (2017)

IBA Cybersecurity Guidelines - a podcast by the Chair of the IBA Presidential Task Force

The Cybersecurity Guidelines launched at the IBA Annual Conference in Rome, October 2018.

Download guidelines

Contributors / Working Group Members

  • Simon Walker, Chair of Task Force; Online Services Committee
  • Nazar Chernyavsky, Technology Law Committee
  • Meg Strickler, Criminal Law Committee
  • Monty Raphael, Criminal Law Committee
  • Bruno Lobato, Law Firm Management Committee
  • Valentina Zoghbi, Regulation of Lawyers Compliance Committee
  • Graham Wladimiroff, Corporate Counsel Forum
  • Tshepo Shabangu, Bar Issues Commission
  • Sophia Adams Bhatti, Bar Issues Commission
  • Natasha Chiumya, Bar Issues Commission
  • Luke Dembosky, Cybersecurity Practice Lawyer
  • Anurag Bana, Legal Policy & Research Unit