About the Legal Policy & Research Unit (LPRU)

Sara Carnegie

Anurag Bana
Senior Project Lawyer

George Artley
BIC Project Lawyer

Helen Ugwu
Project Coordinator

Beatriz Martinez
Project Lawyer

Daniel Collins
Project Coordinator/Paralegal Support

Lara Douvartzidis
Business & Human Rights Lawyer

What we do

The LPRU undertakes research and develops and implements innovative strategies and initiatives that are relevant to current contemporary global issues.

Members of the team have particular areas of expertise, including legal ethics and compliance, anti-corruption, business and human rights, criminal law, cybersecurity and technological innovation, such as the use of blockchain in the legal profession. This expertise continues to be developed through project based work, research, publications and policy development. The team engages with IBA members, legal professionals, international organisations, bar associations and governments to develop and consolidate the global network through which it can conduct its work to ensure the most efficient outcome. We utilise this network to develop an understanding of issues that are relevant to the legal profession across the globe and this allows us to have a significant impact of a range of relevant initiatives and strategies.