LPD Showcase: the intersection of climate change, sustainability, corporate governance, and the role of lawyers: advising clients through transformative times

Tuesday 1 November 2022

The role of corporations in being part of both the problem and the solution of climate change and sustainability has never been more pronounced. Pressure from activist investors and financial institutions are holding companies increasingly accountable for their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Governments, activists, and customers are focused on corporate contributions to climate change and the adequacy of efforts to address emissions through various net-zero commitments. This is creating legal issues for boards, corporate leadership and governance, and the courts as these issues move from advocacy and policy to regulations, liability, and litigation. This showcase panel will focus on the growing intersection between the climate change and ESG movements and the role of the lawyer in advising clients to prepare for and mitigate legal risks through corporate governance in the wake of growing regulatory and stakeholder pressures, and preparing to address them when issues translate to litigation and liability.