Minority shareholder rights guide 2022

2022 update

The Corporate and M&A Law Committee has prepared a minority shareholder rights guide with chapters for over 20 countries around the world, which has now been updated for 2022.

This guide is intended as a high-level, practical guide for practitioners who are looking for an introduction to the laws of each relevant jurisdiction relating to the rights of, and protections for, minority shareholders. The guides include a summary of those rights and the percentage threshold at which the various protections become available.

The editors, Martin Brodey and Takashi Toichi, thank all the authors who contributed their time and their expertise, and welcome additional material for countries not already included. Please contact them at martin.brodey@dorda.at and/or ttoichi@tmi.gr.jp if you would like to contribute. Each guide indicates its author/s, who may be contacted with questions or suggestions in relation to the laws of any country. Finally, please bear in mind that this guide does not constitute legal advice and the information in this guide cannot substitute for professional legal advice.

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