Young Lawyers' Committee National Representatives

The Young Lawyers’ Committee (YLC) has set up a network of National Representatives, coming from each country where the Committee has members and reflecting the worldwide spread of the YLC, which is open to all fields and specialisations of the legal profession. The overall mission of National Representatives is to facilitate contacts between young IBA members within a jurisdiction, and to strengthen the links between them and their national and local young lawyers’ associations and the international community.

Current list

Argentina Mr Agustín Cerolini
Bulgaria Ms Veronica Hadjieva
Bolivia Ms Carolina Aguirre
Canada Mr Calvin Leung
  Ms Claire Seaborn
Chile Mr Matias Langevin
El Salvador Mr Adán Araujo
France Mr Benoit Lafourcade
Georgia Ms Sophie Panjikidze
Hong Kong Mr Felix Ka-ho Ng
  Ms Hin Han Shum
India Mr Arush Khanna
  Mr Umang Gupta
Italy Mr Andrea Grappelli
Kenya Mr Nabutola Wanjala
Lebanon Ms Zeina Obeid
Luxembourg Mr Philippe Harles
Mexico Mr Carlos Martinez Betanzos
  Mr Fernando Eraña
Nepal Mr Santosh Bhandari
Nigeria Mr Gilbert Success
Paraguay Ms Nabila Larroza
  Mr Ivan Mauricio Filártiga Cantero
Peru Mr Felipe Boisset
Qatar Mr Mahmoud Abuwasel
South Korea Mr Sang-Hoon Han
Spain Mr David Gonzalez Galvez
Sweden Mr Joakim Falkner
Tanzania Ms Anayaty Tahir
Trinidad and Tobago Ms Saelese Haynes
Turkey Mr Altan Liman
United Kingdom Ms Caroline Kerswell
  Mr Henry Taylor
  Mr Kartikey Mahajan
United States of America Mr Aaron Micah Bernay
Uruguay Mr Alvaro Carrau
  Mr Andres Aznarez



*Should you wish to apply to become a national representative, please review the regulations and duties document carefully.*

Information about the role of national representative can be found in the document linked above. If you are ready to meet the requirements outlined, and if you want to be an active part of the global voice for the young legal profession, please submit the completed application form with CV and a letter of motivation to Pranav Srivastava.

A National Representative initially holds office for two years and has the following duties:

  • To foster links between their countries’ young lawyers and local young lawyers associations and be the first contact point of the YLC Officers;
  • To identify needs of their local young lawyers and submit them to the IBA YLC Officers so that the Committee can address those issues at the following IBA Annual Conferences;
  • To identify possible candidates for the International Outstanding Young Lawyer Award; 
  • To attend the IBA Annual conference & meeting of national representatives during that week;
  • To expand the membership of both the IBA and the IBA Young Lawyers Committee within their country;
  • To submit or motivate other members from their country to submit an article for the IBA YLC newsletter; and
  • To assist in finding speakers for IBA conferences or other conferences of interest for IBA Young Lawyers