Doing Business in Asia Pacific guidebook

The Asia Pacific Regional Forum presents a comprehensive, innovative guide to doing business in the Asia Pacific, covering 11 jurisdictions:


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Australia China Hong Kong SAR
India Indonesia Japan
Malaysia Singapore South Korea
The Philippines Vietnam  
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The guide focuses on the common pitfalls and cultural differences of doing business throughout the region.

This is the first edition (2020) of a project that the Forum intends to update every two years. The Forum is grateful for the contributions from all participant firms, which made a tremendous effort not only to cover the legal aspects, but also to work together in the best interest of the legal community in the Asia Pacific region.

This guide is an important tool for both investors and the legal profession when approaching certain critical aspects in Asia Pacific jurisdictions.


The Doing Business in Asia Pacific guidebook is a publication from the Asia Pacific Regional Forum of the International Bar Association.
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The findings, interpretations and conclusions expressed are the product of the work of the participant firms in their jurisdictions and do not necessarily reflect the views of the other participant firms, their governments, the Coordination Committee or the International Bar Association.
Neither the Coordination Committee nor the International Bar Association guarantees the accuracy of the data included in this work. The information included in the maps, boundaries, denominations and other information shown in this handbook do not imply any judgment concerning the legal status of any territory or the endorsement or acceptance of such boundaries.
The information included in the chapters has an informative purpose and cannot be considered as legal advice of any kind; therefore, the participant firms are not held liable for any inaccuracy or the use of the information contained herein for investment purposes.