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This IBA Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law Section (SEERIL) podcast series showcases what is new in energy, natural resources, environmental and infrastructure law, including topics presented at IBA conferences and in IBA committee activities. It also highlights new and interesting topics in the Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law.

Episode 1: Resilience in energy, infrastructure and natural resources law

Resilience can be seen and learnt from recent legal responses to crisis, such as pandemics and climate breakdown. This podcast discusses how resilience can be understood as a feature of the legal system to sustain in times of disruption. In a wider sense, it is the ability of our social-ecological ecosystems to resist and adapt to disruptions, and to pursue sustainable development and equity in an inclusive and nature-based manner. Resilience is playing an ever-increasing role in managing disruptions in energy, infrastructure and natural resources law, for more sustainable outcomes. The podcast summarises a panel discussion held at the IBA SEERIL Biennial in Milan 2022.


  • Catherine Banet, Associate Professor, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, Oslo
  • Íñigo del Guayo, Professor in Administrative Law, Universidad de Almeria, Almeria; Chair, Academic Advisory Group, IBA SEERIL
  • Matthias Lang, Bird & Bird, Düsseldorf; Secretary-Treasurer, IBA SEERIL

Episode 2: Keeping the lights on

The trend against funding oil and gas projects has grown, causing uncertainties to investment, commodity price volatility and heightened concerns regarding energy supply and security. The volatility and rapidly rising commodity prices have been exacerbated recently by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While there is widely-accepted recognition that energy transition must happen, global unrest and market realities are demonstrating that it also needs to occur in an orderly and properly-paced fashion that is economically and politically sustainable in order to mitigate adverse outcomes.


  • Maria Cristina Breida, Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability Leader, EY SLT, Milan; Programme Officer IBA Environment, Health and Safety Law Committee
  • Claudia Santos Cruz, Morais Leitão, Lisbon; Diversity & Inclusion Officer IBA Oil and Gas Committee
  • Emanuela Gallo, Legal Affairs, Head of HSE, Sustainability and Climate Change legal assistance, Eni, Milan
  • Jaine Miller, General Counsel, Cheiron Petroleum Corporation, Cairo

Episode 3: Interview with Alain De Serres

In this episode, Don C Smith, Editor of the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (JERL) and Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Program at the University of Denver (US) Sturm College of Law interviews Alain De Serres, Deputy Director in the Policy Studies Branch of the OECD Economics Department. This interview took place at the IBA SEERIL Biennial in Milan 2022.