Who am I? – Interview series

The 'Who am I?' interviews will comprise of candid tête-à-tête with some of the world’s leading legal professionals, influencers, change-makers and thought leaders, covering all continents and very different life experiences.

Together we will look beyond the interviewee’s professional image, unveiling their personalities and exploring their life journeys. With questions about their vocation, their motivation and untold truths, we will examine what it takes to stand out, to make a difference and to become an exemplary role model in our profession. The aim of these interviews will be for us to learn from and be inspired by some of the real-life heroes of the legal fraternity and to remember why we became legal professionals, what role we have in society, how each of us can contribute and how important it is to stand up for the independence of our profession, especially in times like ours. 

This initiative has been developed and is being organised by Tahera Mandviwala, Strategy Officer of the IBA Law Firm Management Committee and Jörg Menzer, Chair of the Section on Public and Professional Interest. If you have any suggestions for speakers, or questions about this interview series, please contact either Tahera (tahera.mandviwala@tdtlegal.com) or Jörg (joerg.menzer@noerr.com).

  • Coming soon – interview with Mr Kapil Sibal, Member of the Indian Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India

Interview with IBA Executive Director Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis

Interview with Deborah Enix-Ross