Time to focus on resilience – supply chain lessons from Covid-19


Time to focus on resilience – supply chain lessons from Covid-19

A webinar presented by the IBA International Commerce and Distribution Committee

28 APR 2021 1300 - 1400 BST

As some regions move past the most severe phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are concentrating on supply chain reliability and risk. Successful companies are investing in supply chain resilience to minimise disruption risks and to benefit from improved efficiencies.

This webinar will examine specific agreements with business partners along the supply chain – including those involving digitisation and new technologies like blockchain and/or smart contracts. The session will also look at the use of pandemic laws and economic stimuli enacted to mitigate the adverse economic and financial effects of the crisis one year since the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as the recovery therefrom. Comparisons will be made between different jurisdictions and regulatory approaches as well as how to rationalise them along the supply chain.

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Christopher Blake
Hahn Loeser & Parks, Cleveland, Ohio; Co-Chair, IBA International Commerce and Distribution Committee

Abdullateef Abdul
Ikeyi Shittu & Co, Lagos; Chair, IBA Regional Developments Subcommittee

Dalton Albrecht
EY Law, Toronto, Ontario; Senior Vice Chair, IBA International Commerce and Distribution Committee

Andrew Jacobson
Seward & Kissel, New York; Chair, IBA Export Controls, Sanctions and Anti-corruption Subcommittee

Raquel Stein
Souto Correa, São Paulo; Deputy Chair, IBA Agency and Distribution Subcommittee