Webcast interview with Kalidou Gadio, General Counsel, African Development Bank

Kalidou Gadio

Zeinab Badawi

Kalidou Gadio
General Counsel, African Development Bank
Webcast interviewee

Zeinab Badawi
International broadcast journalist, BBC
Webcast interviewer

The IBA hosted its first webcast interview of 2012 on Monday 13 February at 1400GMT, with The African Development Bank’s General Counsel, Kalidou Gadio. The interview covered a wide range of issues relating to development across the African continent.

 Developing countries are in possession of enormous wealth, representing forty times all official development assistance received worldwide since 1945. But often, these riches are not used to mobilise capital and credit. The African Development Bank provides financial support to efforts that seek to achieve this.

Mr Gadio discussed such efforts, highlighting the critical links between law and development in general, and considering related specific issues such as the African Legal Support Facility, which stems from the AfDB and African Ministers of Finance wanting to assist Heavily Indebted Poor Countries in managing the serious problem of vulture funds.


Kalidou GadioPrior to taking up the position of General Counsel at the African Development Bank, Kalidou Gadio served within the Bank as Division Manager of the Operations Affairs Division in the Legal Department and as Country Director for North Africa Region I.

Before joining the Bank, Mr Gadio worked with Coudert Brothers in New York as an Associate Attorney and with Jeantet et Associés, an international law firm in Paris. He holds an LL.M from Harvard Law School, an Advanced Degree in international law from University of Paris II and a 'License en Droit' from the University of Mohamed V in Morocco. Mr Kalidou Gadio is a current member of the New York and Connecticut Bars.

African Development Bank: http://www.afdb.org/en/

Zeinab Badawi is a prominent Sudanese-British broadcast journalist with the BBC. She currently presents The World Today, an international news and current affairs programme on BBC Four and BBC News, aimed at audiences in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. During her 20-year career, in addition to working with the BBC in television and radio, she has worked on news and politics programmes with the UK's Channel 4 and ITV.

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