IBA Global Insight - April/May 2016

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Getting sport back on track

Doping and corruption scandals have ignited the debate over governance of the multi-billion dollar businesses that major sports have become. Global Insight reports on the challenges facing the IAAF, FIFA and WADA amongst other global bodies.


Pharma frenzy

The wave of M&A deals in the sector continues, as companies cash in on tax inversions while they can.

Brazil’s fight against corruption

Despite all the bad news there are grounds for optimism.


ASEAN: showing faith in a single market

‘...the AEC will have significant bargaining power in global markets...’

China’s war on pollution

‘If you do nothing to enforce [your laws] then you… authorise the conduct you sought to prohibit...’







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Global: People power

With the Paris Agreement on climate change relying on governments voluntarily taking measures to cut emissions, there’s a growing body of opinion that it could lead to increased citizen action – and litigation for inaction.


United States: Changing of the American guard

The death of one of America’s highly influential Supreme Court justices is always a significant moment – even more so in an election year.


Asia: Can the steel game be played fairly?

The ‘dumping’ of cheap steel from China into global markets continues to cause economic damage.