IBA Global Insight - February/March 2016

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Technology 2030

As digital innovation continues to transform all aspects of our lives, Global Insight gets the views of tech experts around the world, predicting the ways we'll be living, working, playing and communicating 15 years from now - and what the implications might be.


Africa's 'lions on the move'

The continent's legal infrastructure is hampering economic progress.

Word crimes

In many parts of the world, where draconian laws are used against journalists, students and dissenters, defamation is still treated as a criminal act. While campaigns for freedom of expression have achieved some progress, the rise of social media is presenting further challenges.


Refugee crisis management

Unprecedented numbers of migrants and an increased risk of terrorism have heightened tensions in Europe. Global Insight examines the issues and legal frameworks surrounding the greatest humanitarian crisis to confront the continent since the Second World War.

Human rights in the Hermit Kingdom

In October 2015, Michael Kirby, Chair of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democractic People's Republic of Korea, delivered the keynote address at the launch of the IBA's translation of the Korean Bar Association's own report, hosted by Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC. This abridged version of his address calls for action now that the scale of the country's human rights crisis is known.


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Global: Paris climate talks

Work must move ahead quickly to ensure the Paris agreement delivers on its environmental promise.


Middle East: Arab Spring, five years on

Memories of the unprecedented changes brought about by uprisings across the region, allied with discontent at the rapid reversion to the status quo, suggests 'a smouldering fire ready to erupt'


Asia: China trade

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is taking action to reduce the number of counterfeit goods on its sites. As the company looks to expand internationally, gaining the trust of major retailers will be key to driving success.