Corporate and M&A Law Committee Negotiated M&A Guides 2022

Monday 24 October 2022

The Corporate and M&A Law Committee has updated its negotiated M&A guides, with chapters from more than 40 countries. The guides deal with negotiated acquisitions of private companies and are aimed at providing a general overview of acquisition structure options and the essential provisions contained in a standard acquisition agreement in each jurisdiction. The material is intended as a high-level, practical guide for practitioners and others who are looking for an introduction to the laws of each relevant jurisdiction relating to negotiated acquisitions.

The editors, Kosturi Ghosh and Ralf Morshäuser, thank all of the authors who contributed their time and their expertise, and welcome additional material for countries not already included. Please contact Kosturi.Ghosh@trilegal.com and ralf.morshaeuser@gleisslutz.com if you would like to contribute.

Each guide indicates its authors, who may be contacted with questions or suggestions in relation to the laws of any country.

The guides are up to date as of 2022.

This guide is not intended as and must not be considered legal advice for any particular situation, and members are encouraged to consult with local counsel in each jurisdiction before making decisions or providing advice on them.

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