Webcast interview with Mark Malloch Brown - film


Webcast interview with Mark Malloch Brown, former UN Deputy Secretary-General
20 November 2012, 1430 GMT

Mark Malloch Brown

Mark Malloch Brown, former UN Deputy Secretary-General and Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, and Minister of State in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, took part in the IBA's webcast interview on 20 November 2012.

Mark Malloch Brown shared his considerable experience in foreign affairs, particularly in Africa and Asia, during this webcast. He covered topics such as development and globalisation, his background working in international institutions such as the UN and the World Bank.

The webcast was conducted by James Lewis, IBA Director of Content.

Topics and timings

00:01:14 Israel/Palestine
00:03:04 Reform of the United Nations
00:07:00 'Responsibility to Protect'
00:10:23 Reform of the UN Security Council
00:13:48 If the UN is not the focal point of international communal action, what is?
00:17:06 The IMF, the World Bank, accountability and power
00:19:25 Middle East, Arab Spring two years on
00:23:45 Social media
00:24:13 Mark Malloch Brown's motivations
00:29:56 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
00:34:00 MDG 8 - global partnerships for delevopment. Problems with implementing this
00:36:11 Africa and development
00:39:39 MDGs - environment 
00:42:30 How can world powers assist in achieving MDGs?
00:51:30 Recent elections in United States and China
00:58:30 Tax havens
01:01:40 Kofi Annan / George Bush