Interview with Gabriela Knaul, UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers - film

Gabriela Knaul, UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, discusses her mandate; priorities including gender; China, Syria and MENA, and Zimbabwe among other subjects. Timings and topics are given below.


00:00-01:43  On her mandate for protecting judges and lawyers facing threats, harassment and attacks
01:43-04:05  On priorities over the past two years to reduce impunity for human rights abuses
04:05-07:07  On the importance of gender equality. When women are witnesses, victims and offenders
07:22-09:07  On how to ensure women get into senior positions in the judiciary and legal profession
09:40-11:25  On the tendency for women to only oversee certain cases (eg, family, not organised crime)
11:25-15:15  On the need to focus on Mexico and Colombia due to high levels of impunity, particularly in drug trafficking and organised crime
15:15-17:20  On challenges of prioritising access to justice (Mozambique)
17:27-23:55  On plans to visit China, the limited information available, but optimism for cooperative dialogue
23:55-25:51  On Iran, Russia and Syria
25:51-28:35  On the influence of Iran and Turkey on the MENA region
28:35-29:09  On the UN response to extreme events in Syria
29:09-32:35  On Russia; transparency, and the rule of law
32:53-34:45  On hope for starting dialogue with Zimbabwe
34:45-37:40  On the case of Judge Afiuni in Venezuela
37:45-40:13  On the opportunity to capitalise on a time of change across the MENA region to improve human rights
40:17-41:21  On change across the Middle East happening as a chain that will embrace even Iran and Saudi Arabia