From the Co-Chairs, Diversity and Equality Law Committee, November 2020

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Dear colleagues,

We are living in difficult and challenging days, not only for the legal profession but for our personal lives as well. We believe this has been more than many of us have ever experienced before. The world around us continues to change and we must adapt all our activities to these changing times.

The IBA has also been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic as our ability to meet and exchange viewpoints with people from different countries has all been postponed for now.

While we miss the conferences and the informal chats that make our organisation so unique and special, we are optimistic about the future and look forward to the times when we will meet together again.

The IBA has stood up to the challenge and has organised an incredible one-time online session, the IBA 2020 – Virtually Together Conference, providing an exciting new way to bring the world’s legal community together, offering an extremely interesting programme with great speakers. Take time to look at the programme where you will find thought-provoking sessions with officers from the Diversity and Equality Law Committee.

We take the opportunity to invite all members to contact us if they desire to be more active within the IBA and contribute directly to the activities of our committee, including as speakers in webinars and future conferences, or as contributors in our e-Bulletins.

Let’s meet online and enjoy sessions together, and we hope it will be possible to meet in person with you all in 2021, in Madrid for the Employment and Diversity Law Conference, and in Paris for the Annual Conference!

Best regards,

Valeria Morosini and Ivan Suarez

Co-Chairs, Diversity and Equality Law Committee

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