Ex-IBA President Fernando Pelaez-Pier interviews Ivan Velasquez, Colombia - film

Ex-IBA President Fernando Pelaez-Pier interviews Ivan Velasquez, auxiliary judge of the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court, Colombia. The interview focuses on Mr Velasquez' investigations into links between terrorist groups and members of Congress (26 mins).

Topics/questions and timings

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Medellin and the Medellin cartel. 'What is your background? How has the city motivated you professionally?'
04:13 'Why did you decide to investigate one of the most powerful figures in Colombian politics?'
07:47 'To what extent has corruption penetrated Colombian public institutions?'
11:08 On being monitored by the secret police ('El Das'). 'Has Colombia learned from the dangers?'
17:46 On paramilitary groups and links with Congress, and influence on Colombia
20:14 'What happened after you concluded your investigations?'
24:37 On the 'selling of votes' in Colombia

Part 2

(24 mins)

Topics/questions and timings

00:00 'Were you asked to resign?'
03:24 'Will the work you have undertaken lead to change?'
05:00 Changes in administration
09:50 Economic development in Colombia
12:00 Elections and crime
13:40 Drug trafficking
18:27 'What have been the highlights of your career?'
19:41 'What are your future plans?'
21:49 The IBA Human Rights Award