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Blockchain and Private International Law: Implications for Crypto, Payment Systems, Digital Wallets and Jurisdictional Concerns

In recent years, the financial growth of the digital economy and the influence of its associated assets and organisations has led to a concern over the legal mechanisms governing market interactions on blockchain systems. More critically, the question of ‘which law, which court’ is one that the Law Commission of England and Wales has posed in relation to considering the dilemma of which laws will govern a tech-related dispute. This conflict of laws issue is exacerbated in the world of decentralised finance, given the inherently borderless nature of blockchain transactions, which can lack the necessary legal safeguards. The article frames this issue in the context of payment systems, decentralised autonomous organisations and digital wallets. The potential displacement of central counterparties that decentralised finance proposes, alongside a wealth of efficiency and security benefits, must be assessed against the backdrop of cryptocurrency related fraud, cybersecurity concerns and the revolutionary nature of contracting between parties on decentralised platforms. The article aims to show that the aggregate gain of this financial revolution must be approached with legal caution, given that principles of private international law, company law and contract law may not adequately remedy (in one form or another) the range of legal concerns regarding the resolution of blockchain-related disputes. As the article will highlight and argue, the implementation of an international framework to homogenise jurisdictional variations requires rectifying a range of underlying legal ambiguities and speculations to unify a currently fragmented framework of regulation(s).

Released on May 25, 2023