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Civil forfeiture – an effective mechanism or just a waste of time?

The return of illegally acquired assets is a quite complicated and long-lasting process within criminal proceedings and Ukraine is constantly looking for more effective methods. One of such mechanisms is the so-called ‘civil forfeiture’.

Released on Nov 1, 2021

Disclosure of an Indian issuer’s potential FCPA violations: the implications for other Indian companies

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd (Dr Reddy’s), a large Indian pharmaceutical company, has American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is an ‘issuer’ under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 1977 (FCPA). In November 2020, Dr Reddy’s made a filing before the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stating that it had begun an investigation into an anonymous complaint alleging breaches of anti-corruption laws, specifically the FCPA.

Released on Oct 29, 2021

A future bill to improve France’s anti-corruption framework

Five years on from the enactment of the Sapin 2 law, the ambition of which is to ‘bring French legislation to best European and international standards and to contribute to a positive image of France in the world’ , an evaluation of its effectiveness was carried out by a commission led by two Members of Parliament (MPs) Raphaël Gauvain and Olivier Marleix. The commission published a report listing 50 recommendations for improving France’s anti-corruption endeavours. The two MPs then decided to convert this into a draft bill which will consider some of the recommendations listed in the report. This draft bill, which has not yet been published, is currently under government review before its submission to parliament which is expected to take place in November 2021. The main areas for improvement identified by the MPs, which should be the subject of the draft bill, are outlined in this article.

Released on Oct 29, 2021

Anti-corruption trends in Ukraine

The article provides an overview of the latest changes and law-enforcement practice in combating corruption in Ukraine.

Released on Oct 29, 2021

Sports governance under scrutiny as Russian track and field banned from Rio

The long-awaited decision on Russia’s participation in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro finally came on 17 June when the world athletics governing body slammed Russia’s athletics federation for categorically failing to meet the readmission criteria.

Released on Jul 16, 2016

Anti-Corruption Specialists - a film by the IBA Asset Recovery Subcommittee

An IBA Asset Recovery Subcommittee initiative produced in conjunction with the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee. Asset Recovery experts from around the world were invited to give their views on anti-corruption developments in their jurisdictions. The film was created in 2019 at the 17th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference.

Asset Recovery Specialists - a film by the IBA Asset Recovery Subcommittee

An IBA Asset Recovery Subcommittee initiative produced in conjunction with the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee. Experts from around the world give their views on asset recovery.

All in it together?

IBA Global Insight Aug/Sept 2016 - The Panama Papers leak and other corruption scandals across the world have forced countries to up the ante. Global Insight examines the challenges and opportunities facing lawyers and lawmakers

Global leaders: Drago Kos, Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery

IBA Global Insight, Aug/Sept 2016 - After the Panama Papers leak and the Anti-Corruption Summit in London in May, Drago Kos is in the hot seat when it comes to enforcing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention among signatory countries. In this interview, conducted for the IBA by Jonathan Rugman of the UK’s Channel 4 News, Kos discusses international efforts to tackle bribery and corruption by governments, the role of the private sector, and the offshore world

Webcast and Q&A with José Ugaz, Chair of Transparency International

The third IBA webcast of 2015 featured José Ugaz, Chair of Transparency International (TI), and was broadcast live on 10 June. Ugaz is one of the world’s leading anti-corruption lawyers, During his time as Ad Hoc Attorney General of Peru, Ugaz prosecuted hundreds of government officials. He led the corruption case against the former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, who is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence.