BIC Policy committee

BIC Policy Committee

The BIC Policy Committee is made up of representatives from Bar Associations and Law Societies around the world providing global representation for Member Organisations. The role of the Policy Committee is to address issues of concern to Bar Associations around the world by creating and recommending policies for adoption by IBA Council and by ensuring that proposed IBA policies affecting Member Organisations be reviewed by the Policy Committee to ensure that such policies have the support of Member Organisations before being recommended for approval by IBA Council.

Current projects

  • Guidelines on information exchange in the disciplinary process

  • Guidelines for Bar Associations on professional indemnity insurance

  • Guidelines on how to structure legal aid

Members of the Policy Committee

Peter Koves - Chair (Hungary)
Linda Kasonde (Zambia)
Tshepo Shabangu (South Africa)
Tatsu Katayama (Japan)
Richard Naidu (Fiji)
Fiona McLeod (Australia)
Amir Singh Pasrich (India)
Winnie Tam (Hong Kong)
Metin Feyzioglu (Turkey)
Jonathan Goldsmith (Belgium)
Eytan Epstein (Israel)
Michael Clancy (Scotland)
Robert Heslett (England)
Michael Kutschera (Austria)
Norville Connolly (Northern Ireland)
Hans-Michael Giesen (Germany)
Maria Slazak (Poland)
Bruno Barata  (Brazil)
Daniel Del Rio (Mexico)
Steve Richman (USA)
Joan Bercovitch (Canada)

Emeritus Member

Hans-Jürgen Hellwig (Germany)

Ex Officio

Claudio Visco - (Chair, BIC) (Italy)
Deborah Enix-Ross - (Vice-Chair, BIC) (USA)

In attendence

Becca Verhagen – Head of BIC
Anurag Bana - IBA Legal Policy and Research Unit