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From the Editors – Construction Law International – March 2023

China Irwin and Thayananthan BaskaranFriday 31 March 2023

Dear readers,

We are delighted to introduce our first issue of 2023, which is packed with contributions which we hope our readers will find both insightful and instructive for their day-to-day practice.

Given the uncertainty facing the construction industry during the past year and continuing in 2023, it is not surprising that a number of the contributions to this month’s issue touch on managing risk, including, in particular, related to changing costs.

We are pleased to include in this issue two highly informative contributions from the Project Execution Subcommittee – an in-depth look at the treatment of unforeseen subsurface conditions, and an introduction to project decommissioning, building on a presentation given at the IBA conference in Miami last year. We encourage other ICP subcommittees to consider sharing their collaborative work with the group through publication in CLInt.

The March issue also includes several articles relevant to construction projects under FIDIC Contracts, including the latest instalment in our FIDIC around the world series, examining the use of FIDIC form contracts in Turkey; an introduction to FIDIC’s latest amendments to its suite of contracts; and a look at the allocation of risk of cost increase under FIDIC contracts.

We thank all our contributors for their efforts and look forward to another year of CLInt. As always, we encourage all ICP members to share their experiences by submitting articles to China Irwin at cirwin@lalive.law.

China Irwin
Committee Editor, IBA International Construction Projects Committee
LALIVE, Geneva

Thayananthan Baskaran
Deputy Committee Editor, IBA International Construction Projects Committee
Baskaran, Kuala Lumpur