The International Commerce and Distribution Landscape – New Tensions and Restrictions Along the Global Supply Chain

20 Mar - 21 Mar 2024 Willard InterContinental, Washington DC, USA

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Topics will include:

Manage and mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions
Several factors might affect commerce: cyber attacks, geopolitical risks, sanctions, business interruptions, natural disasters, pandemics, finance. A proper assessment of risks in the supply chain is essential in order to avoid major losses. How can the insurance and reinsurance industry help to mitigate these risks? Often companies do not fully understand which policies they should have in place, with the consequence that when an event occurs they discover that the risk is not covered. The insurance industry is facing the increase of supply chain disruption claims and a debate on these issues will be interesting.

Hot topic sessions

  • Machine to Machine (M2M) economy – pros and cons of automated sales and payments in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Supply chain in the metaverse; thinking new business models for interconnected procurement, services and product development
  • Implications of smart manufacturing: news for distribution, intellectual property and competition.
  • Practical challenges in online business and the metaverse
  • Export controls targeting the semiconductor supply chain

Supply chain nearshoring in times of conflict and increasing economic and trade sanctions: latest trends and best practices/challenges in implementation

Shareholders, board of director and chief officers’ responsibility due to supply chain operations – best corporate practices

ESG in the international trade and supply chain

Clause and effect: attorney wellbeing in the world of contracts


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