Spotlighting legal reform to counter the global phenomenon of Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPPs)

16 Oct 2023 1530 - 1630 BST

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A webinar presented by the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) and the IBA Media Law Committee

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) strike at the core of democracy because they are a means by which court systems can be weaponised to silence those who speak out about matters of public concern or expose wrongdoing. SLAPPs are on the rise globally, and the movement to pass Anti-SLAPP laws is too. Although Anti-SLAPP laws have been in place in the United States for more than 30 years, other countries, such as those on the European continent and the United Kingdom, have recently begun recognising the need for Anti-SLAPP legislation and are working toward enactment. The United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights Office has recognised this global phenomenon and has called upon governments in the Asia Pacific region and elsewhere to address these affronts to human rights. And even in jurisdictions, like South Africa, where there are no Anti-SLAPP laws on the books, courts are recognising this form of judicial harassment and finding ways to curb their adverse impact on truth-seekers and human rights defenders.

Hear from a panel of global experts about the impact SLAPP suits have had on the decline in democracy and press freedoms and what can and is being done to address this legal tactic used to silence critics.


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Dario Milo

Webber Wentzel, Johannesberg, South Africa

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Confirmed speakers
Bruce Johnson

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Manuel José Cepeda Espinosa

Former President, Constitutional Court, Bogota, Colombia

Charlie Holt

Greenpeace International , Amsterdam, Netherlands

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