Fair trial rights and the prosecution of alleged atrocities in Ukraine

20 Nov 2023 1700 - 1800 GMT

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A webinar presented by the IBA Human Rights Law Committee

Ukraine is conducting war crimes trials of Russian soldiers in its domestic courts. These trials represent an important part of larger international efforts to obtain accountability for perpetrators of atrocities in the war in Ukraine. They also raise important fair trial rights issues under international human rights law, which will be central to the trials’ legacy.

This webinar will cover the right to a fair trial under international human rights law and fair trial issues in Ukraine’s prosecution of alleged atrocity crimes (for example trials in absentia, use of the fast-track procedure and the ability to present and cross-examine witnesses). The panellists will discuss the role and importance of defense attorneys in war crimes prosecutions and how fair trial rights contribute to the legacy of war crimes prosecutions.


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Jonathan Hafetz

Seton Hall Law School, Newark, New Jersey, USA

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Confirmed speakers
Inna Liniova

Ukrainian Bar Association, Kyiv, Ukraine; Bar Executive Officer, Ukrainian Bar Association

Elsa Wyllie

Wyllie Law, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Events Officer, Human Rights Law Committee

George Artley

Opening Remarks
International Bar Association, London, England

Diletta Marchesi

Leuven Institute of Criminology, Leuven, Belgium

Zlata Simonenko

Sayenko Kharenko, Kyiv, Ukraine

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