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IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, USA

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Rodrigo Orlandini


Rodrigo is a specialist in conflict resolution with over 20 years of professional experience as an (i) antitrust attorney, (ii) government and business advisor, (iii) consultant for strategic matters, (iv) psychoanalyst, and (v) mediator in national and international cases with the most diverse levels of complexity. His education includes Law, with LLM in Economic Law, Psychoanalysis, and Conflict Resolution, in the most prestigious institutions. He works as a strategic advisor in complex situations involving (i) all kinds of conflicts, crisis management, and negotiations, (ii) general (and antitrust) mediations, (iii) antitrust and compliance investigations, (iv) settlement agreement negotiations, (v) mergers and acquisitions clearances, and others. He has traveled extensively and learned about many cultures, belief systems, and world views. Dealing with many types of people, he values ​​their similarities, understands their differences, and can create levels of communication that permit solutions for even the most challenging problems. People that work with Rodrigo say, “he has a deep understanding of complex situations and approaches the most complex conflicts and issues intelligently and pragmatically, advising people under the highest emotional pressures to make difficult decisions.”. See more about Rodrigo at: www.rodrigoorlandini.com/eng


The psychology and practice of online mediation

Monday 31 October (1115 - 1230)

Room 209, Level 2