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IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, USA

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Joshua Rubenstein


In his widely respected practice, Joshua Rubenstein, national chair of Katten's Private Wealth practice, brings a variety of important services under one roof for high-net-worth individuals. He offers integrated planning, administration, and litigation counseling for individuals, their estates, and their businesses, all designed to preserve wealth over generations. His advice stretches as far as his client's financial interests – locally, nationally, and globally. Josh is the rare trusts and estates attorney who does not focus exclusively on either planning, estate administration, or litigation. Instead, he integrates all three. The result, for clients, is deeper insight in each area that may affect them. Josh performs his planning and administration with a view to minimizing litigation risk; meanwhile, he litigates cases with a view toward discovering planning opportunities. Appreciating his insights and the strong qualities he has as an attorney, clients praise his work: "Josh is amazing. He is very, very responsive, it doesn't matter what hour of the day I call." "What's super impressive about him is that he is able to think outside of the box and he is very open to new ideas" (Chambers HNW 2022). In any craft, making it "look easy" only happens with considerable experience and talent. Josh, who has been practicing in the field for more than 35 years, has a unique ability to create sophisticated solutions that are also elegant and uncomplicated. Clients praise his intelligence and experience, describing him as "a consummate professional," who "has a global view of things. He does not just try to solve the immediate problem but looks instead at the whole picture. His breadth of knowledge is second to none" (Chambers HNW 2022). In the area of estate administration, which can bring intense feelings to the surface for family members, Josh and his clients also benefit from his emotional intelligence. Representing the executor of a multibillion-dollar estate who was being sued by siblings over their treatment in their parents' will, Josh crafted a solution that satisfied all parties and restored family harmony. In that instance, and others, Josh has kept what would have been a high-profile dispute out of the news. Instead, it remained a private affair.