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11th Annual IBA Finance & Capital Markets Tax Virtual Conference

17 Jan - 4 Mar 2022

Online, Online, England

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Lisa M Zarlenga


Lisa Zarlenga is a tax partner at Steptoe & Johnson, LLP in Washington, DC where she advises clients on structuring taxable and tax-free transactions as well as advocating for tax law and policy changes. She previously served as the Tax Legislative Counsel at the US Treasury Department, where she oversaw guidance and legislative proposals in a broad range of domestic tax policy areas. While working at the Treasury Department, Lisa worked on the first piece of tax guidance on cryptocurrency, and since leaving the government has expanded her practice to advise clients on blockchain and digital asset tax issues. She advises clients on conducting digital asset transactions and conversions, token offerings, and different investment and entity structures. She also represents clients on the policy side, advocating for changes or clarifications in both legislation and administrative guidance. Lisa is a co-editor and co-author of the book, Taxation of Crypto Assets, which provides a comparative study in the taxation of crypto assets among 39 different countries.


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Tuesday 18 January (1510 - 1610)