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IBA Annual Conference Sydney 2017

8 Oct - 13 Oct 2017

Sydney, Sydney, Australia

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Tsuyoshi Ikeda


Tsuyoshi (Yoshi) Ikeda, a former official at the JFTC, regularly advises clients on all aspects of antitrust/competition issues, including cartels, merger filings, distribution issues both in domestic and international (multi-jurisdictional) cases. He has been representing multinational companies before the JFTC in international cartels and second phase review merger cases. Yoshi also advises on IP-related antitrust issues such as license and standardization, taking advantage of his experience as an investigator in the IP/IT Taskforce at the JFTC. Yoshi also has a wealth of experience in consumer protection issues such as misleading advertisements. Yoshi frequently serves as a speaker and moderator in international conferences.


International online distribution issues - Part I

Wednesday 11 October (1430 - 1730)

Room C4.10, Convention Centre, Level 4